Our Community is an Economic Force. Embrace Us!

It is a fact. The cannabis industry is one of the largest in Amsterdam. One third of all visitors to the city step into a coffeeshop. This nearly all-cash industry generates billions of Euros in revenue, and hundreds of millions in taxes for the city. Not to mention all of the revenue brought in by businesses that are ancillary to the coffeeshops, such as hotels, restaurants, tours, transportation, etc. This makes cannabis consumers one of the most formidable consumer groups in Europe. At the same time, we are a very tight-nit community. We love to support businesses that support us! If you want us to patronize your business, it is a great idea to engage us directly.

Are you a Pot-Friendly Business?

AmsterdamCoffeeshops.com is looking to work with cannabis-friendly businesses. However, you must have a legitimate interest in supporting the community to advertise with us. This may be displayed in ways including (but not limited to) the following.


If this describes you, then reach out! Let’s talk. We have targeted, affordable programs for businesses in our community. You’ll be surprised how much reach you can gain working with us.