Blue Magic

Blue Magic

Blue Magic an impressive strain from the gang at Boerejongens with great color and structure as well as a complex smell and great taste.



Such a unique lookin bit of weed. So many colors, blues, greys, purples, deep greens, proper beauty, loads of bag appeal. Got a sort of wheat like, bunch of grapes structure to the buds, huge fat calyxes that are held so tight together, forming these dense as fuck clusters. Proper covered in trichomes like a milky amber jacket. Exciting looks to be fair, don't see a lot of nugs like this. So colorful



Soft fruity scent, quite floral an almost rose thing going on and this musky, dank, earthy sort of coffee bean richness, makes me just wanna keep inhaling the smell over and over. The smoke is so full in the mouth you can almost chew it. Creamy as they come not too much with sharpness here it's deep lingering flavors with a really creamy mouth feel to it.



Strong and fast acting, way more alert than I expected. This one slowed me right down.

It's a really mellow feeling for a while, a sort of trippy high, awesome to just sit back with some weird tunes on and get all thinky, it's a really nice visual strain, a bit of a creeper though, it gets much heavier later on. This one could easy trick you into getting way higher than you expected. Ended up relaxed with this nice ahhhhh!! sort of vibe. Smooth even burn, ash is clean and it's light gray.



Awesome to look at, so many much colors, structure was intense, so tight and dense, loads of appeal. I couldn't wait to check it out. The effect was so good, epic for micro dosing bong hits throughout the day to keep that trippy buzz going. Smell was complex and it tasted good too.



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06 Nov 2017

By The Cannabalist