C5 Pioneer

C5 Pioneer

This is another pretty impressive strain from the gang over at Coffeeshop Amsterdam. Here’s what we thought of their C5 Pioneer…



Bright, vivid green nugs, Super tight and well formed, Frosty af with this almost white glisten coming from the awesome amount of trichomes. Long bright orange pistills, shoot out in tight groups between dense fat calyxes, really full, dense buds with good bounce and with uniform ovalish shape with longer pointed tips. Loads of bag appeal.




Tangy smell straight away, almost cuts the air as the box opens. Zesty as, it gets much richer as dive into it. there's a creaminess in there, quite and old school, sour milky sort of pong mixed in with this fruity punch of citrus, grapes, sour berries. The flavour hits fast, that zesty, fruity haziness almost takes your breath away. it's most of what's going on taste wise, until you exhale. It gets so much smoother, there's something of a metallic thing happening and some of that creamy/milkiness too. A lot of those terps come through, could linger bit longer for me but it's a tasty example.




I started with one fatty in the morning. It's definitely a thinker. Nice to smoke, uplifting, heady, not much of a body buzz for me to start with, and not too heavy to begin with, quite alert good for concentration and getting shit done only in smaller dose though, cos after smoking it for a while I was getting fuck all finished haha, quite a strong one. Clean burning, ash nice light colour and very smooth.



Great looking buds, Frosty and dense. Zesty smellin and power. It tasted good. It was strong but uplifting in smaller doses. Good strain for the headstash.

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06 Nov 2017

By The Cannabalist