Candy Kush Hash

Candy Kush Hash

This is another pretty impressive strain from the gang over at The Golden Green Team. Here’s what we thought of their Candy Kush Hash.



So, so soft, beautiful hash with a deep chocolatey brown orange color to it, really good lookin. It's sticky but clean still, not leaving skids all over my fingers as I play with it. Got a nice oily sheen to it, bubbles like mad, if I get near it with a flame. Easy to use.



Such a full smell, soil and wood, deep. A bit incesey but it's also got this tangy, fruity, pine thing going on, comes in waves, I just keep getting into it sniffing, trying to guess what's going on. It's like a fuckin whole experience just smellling it. FlavoR come through good, a bit behind the smell but still there. The smoke is real full and smooth and creamy really got that kushy lemon pine thing coming through so well so piney.



Strong, it hits quick with this, slightly slowed me down. Don't feel tired at all, my brain is still active enough. Feel a sort tingle down my shoulders, relaxing body feel but not too much. It's got that nose tickle. Smooth and clean smoke, burns evenly ash light grey and really smooth and soft leaves no residue.



Really interesting hash, tasted good, rich flavor left me with this awesome piney linger. It was cool to play with, sticky, light, oily structure, smelt great. Easy to smoke and use, bit sticky but clean, Really enjoyable effects.


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06 Nov 2017

By The Cannabalist