This is another pretty impressive strain from the gang over at Coffeeshop Eastwood. Here’s what we thought of their Diamond…



This one is so frosty, never mind fire, thought me fingers would get cold picking it up. Bright green with vivid orange pistils and big fat calyxes, proper bulbous, quite big nugs with almost rounded tops. Huge trichome heads and great resin coverage. Little bit early maybe mostly glistening going to milky but fuckin everywhere still. Nice bounce back if I give it a squeeze. Slight openness to the structure tho bit fluffy.



Got this sharp, zesty smell, citrus and tropical fruits. Quite planty tho too,  got this sour cream sort of thing to it. Finishes sort of sweet vanilla like. Intense smell. The flavors starts well the citral punchy fruity thing comes through well early on, dies out a little in the middle little tho bit hollow not the most lingering taste. Could have week longer to finish flavor wise, close tho.



Heady and fast acting, the high was quite active, and social for me. Dry mouth hits fast, but it's not hard to smoke. It has that slight hazey take your breath away sort of thing to it. The calyx structure was a little bit hollow, so the burn was too hot. It affected the flavor more than smoke tho just a bit inconsistent, ash getting bit dark, and a little residue left behind still smooth tho.



Looks proper special, great amount of trichs, it's absolutely covered. The Smell was enjoyable not too heavy more zesty and tropical, flavor was a bit hit and miss atimes. It wasn't a bad smoke, but a bit inconsistent, same with the ash little too dark but still smooth. Very close, 2 weeks more and it would have been excellent.


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06 Nov 2017

By The Cannabalist