Elite Cup Results

I was really excited to be asked to do some reviews and an article of the Elite Cup this year. The whole team at AmsterdamCoffeeshops.com LOVES cannabis competitions, and sharing the excitement with our audience. I really wanted some photos of the strains for you before it all kicked off, it didn’t go exactly how I had planned. When I got there the day before it began, there was lots still to be finished and the judging packs weren’t ready yet. A full judge pack is supposed to contain samples from all the categories in the Cup; Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Hash, Edibles, Moon Rock, Concentrate: solvent & solventless. Basically I wanted to give you a FPS guide to the event. It was an interesting experience.

Day 1

Day one was a bit of a mad one. Registration was at the Cannabis college 13.00 til 17.00. After that all the judges were supposed to receive their Elite cup judging packs between 17.00 and 19.00 and then head to chill at coffeeshop Prix Dami, where we had a space reserved for us. Unfortunately things didn’t work out as they had planned. The judge Packs were not handed out that day. Information wasn’t easily available, mainly just a bit of social media stuff from the judges asking questions between themselves. As you can imagine there was a little frustration. I think more because of the lack of information that people received, than the fact that they couldn’t pick up their packs. Some judges did still meet up and smoke together though.

Day 2

The next day people learned via Instagram that the group would be meeting at Batavia, one of the chillest places you can smoke weed, drink and eat in the Dam, between 13.00-17.00. People started to get excited again. When I arrived at Batavia there was a definite buzz to the room. People opening judge packs; there was weed, hash, concentrates and edibles absolutely everywhere. Every shape and size of stoner was there. The mood was up for sure. I spent time checking the place out and taking some photos. I got to link up and blaze with some awesome dudes from the stoned society and there was was a nice atmosphere. There was some confusion over  judge packs, and some  seemed to be incomplete or missing. Mine was one of the ones that went missing, so I wasn’t able to join in on the judging or write any reviews for you. Instead I spent time meeting the other judges and checking out their packs. A few familiar faces were there and we were mostly all enjoying an absolutely packed Batavia.

After this, one of the highlights of the cup was the coffeeshop tour. We hit up Green Place first, and then Bagheera. They were busy testing themselves, from their own judge packs so we smoked that place up to fuck. We made are way to the De Dampkring but it was already super busy and because we were in a group we couldn’t all fit. Next we tried to hit up Boerejongens, we stopped for food and lost a few judges on the way and when we got outside the police were there. Not such a big issue, but some of us were packing way too much bud, so we decided to move on. Instead we strolled past coffeeshop Johnny to pick up some bits and then stopped at the last shop of the day; Mr. K. & Co. Were we all chilling upstairs, blazing together and talking bud, having a laugh. The group split up after this to meet up later at 23.00, for the first night event at Club.nl. 

When I arrived at club.nl the organizers were just arriving. It was an eclectic 80’s 90’s ish style night club. Stripper pole and flashy lights; the lot. Loud, but not very crowded at the time we arrived. It was a bit difficult to take photos, cos people who weren’t with us were also there, and I didn’t want to be a nuisance. But just imagine we were in a local night club on an off night. After a while, it was time to go.

Day 3

Day 3 was 420 at Vlla in Amsterdam West, a cafe/bar/music venue. It was a bit out the centre but it was a good spot. Big car park and loads of room indoors and outdoors. There was a table setup as you entered with some giveaways; papers, stickers, flyers and that sort of stuff from the sponsors. The dudes from the Golden Green Team had set up a cool medicated chocolate fountain in one corner. They had some of their collection of edibles also available. 4.20 came and passed without any special sort of announcement. The results were late, but by this point everyone was pretty chill.

After the results were read, there was a slight kick off by location manager because we were smoking inside (which is a bit crazy at a 420 event). It emptied out a little unfortunately because next came the meal from Medicated cuisine came next and it was properly impressive, probably my highlight of the few days. I ate stuff I’ve never eaten before and it was excellent. The fact that it was medicated in such a clever way was even more impressive #lovedit. Definitely gonna link up with these guys in the future. Got to bring you some more stuff from them again. The day finished up at Vlla. I left to grab the last of Amsterdam 420. I did get what was left from a returned judge pack to show you and It did have some nice products in also it came in a really cool odour absorbing bag from Absent.eu, which was awesome. But by then the results were already out.

Day 4

We were gonna go to an event/tour/fuck knows, something happened with the schedule. It never happened. haha  


Great idea, and great people at the event. I had a lot of fun over the 4 days, and like the Elite Cup Team. It was great just meeting up with others from the industry and the cannabis community, and talking about bud. Unfortunately, this year’s event was maybe a bit too much for just two main people to manage. A few problems in planning needed to be sorted. Everyone remained polite, even though there were some complaints, people did have fun. If I had to suggest some improvements for next time, it would be larger Elite team and better information, for judges especially events and judge packs. This was a great idea though, and we at AmsterdamCoffeeshops.com look forward to seeing what happens next year.


Elite Cup Results:

The Elite Cup has parallel judging categories for each cannabis product sample. One set of results from a panel of connoisseur judges (VIP Votes), while the second set are attendees of the event (Elite Cup Votes).

Flower (Weed)


VIP Picks:
  • FIRST: Mr K & Co. Rollex O.G.
  • SECOND: UGORG Cookies
  • THIRD: Het Ballonnetje San Fernando Valley O.G
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: Bagheera Platinum Valley O.G
  • SECOND: Mrk & CO. Rolex O.G
  • THIRD: Dutch Passion Night Queen


VIP Picks:
  • FIRST: UGORG Premier Sweet
  • SECOND: Green Place Tangerine
  • THIRD: Het Ballonnetje  G13 Mr Nice
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: G.Urban Farms Strawberry Amnesia
  • SECOND: Sumo Seeds (name not Given)
  • THIRD (tied): Takeaway Mexican Haze/Green Place Tangerine


VIP Picks:
  • FIRST: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G.
  • SECOND: Green place Jonny Blaze
  • THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuits
  • SECOND: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G
  • THIRD: Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk

Concentrates (Solvent):

Vip Picks:
  • FIRST: Mellow daze Velvet cookies Wax
  • SECOND: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
  • THIRD: Ne1 Extracts Stardawg live resin sap
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
  • SECOND: Ne1 extracts Stardawg Live Resin Sap
  • THIRD: Goodfellas Seeds Starwax

Concentrates (Solventless):

Vip Picks:
  • FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuit
  • SECOND: Mr Hyde (name not given)
  • THIRD: Mr K. & co. Kandy Kush
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: Mr K & co. Kandy Kush
  • SECOND: Mr. Hyde (name not given)
  • THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits


Vip Picks:
  • FIRST (tie): Bagheera Mango Kush Dry Sift
  • FIRST (tie): BoereJongens Green Magic Block
  • SECOND: Goodfellas seeds flower power OG
  • THIRD: Green Place Cookies Hash
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: Micro Genetica White Cheese Hash
  • SECOND: Bagheera Mango Haze Hash
  • THIRD: Green place Cookie Hash


VIP Picks:
  • FIRST: Green Place Brownie
  • SECOND: The Golden Green Team Cinnamon Swirl
  • THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake
Elite Cup Picks:
  • FIRST: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Choco slice
  • SECOND: Green Place Brownie
  • THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

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03 May 2017

By the Cannabalist