New Hash on the Block

Boerejongens Drops Two new Batches of “Magic”


We’ve become quite familiar with Boerejongens in recent years. Let’s face it; the shops have a pretty great reputation these days. When it comes to hashish, they have definitely upped their game with the “Block Hash” varieties. This is an import, though quite a bit more sophisticated than your traditional pressed varieties. To make it, growers in Morocco section off lots of land for strain specific cultivation. This allows them to tailor the growing conditions to one crop, and create an end product that expresses the parent plant’s flavor and cannabinoid profile. We’ve been very happy with their Block varieties. But never to let someone else do the hard work, we stopped in recently to pick up a couple of samples from their new batches.


Super Silver Magic Haze

The first item we took a look at was the Super Silver Magic Haze Block. That’s quite a mouthful, expressing a genetic lineage that presumably includes Super Silver Haze and Magic. The product is dark in color, and has a very soft and fragile consistency. You can easily crush it in fingers. It is a little sticky to the touch. It has a strong smell… a citrus aroma. Sparking it, we found this product to provide a very smooth and clean smoke. The high was uplifting, light, and happy. It has that traditional Super Silver Haze sativa effect, and is very similar to their Super Silver Haze block, but with a twist. This is a very good daytime smoke (but it is strong). We give it a thumbs up.


White Choco Magic Haze Block

Boerejongens is known for their White Choco. Therefore, we were excited to try the new White Choco Magic Haze Block. This one is actually a bit more interesting. It is definitely holding a high level of terpenes. It has a pungent aroma. The Block is firm but malleable, and notably sticky. Still, you can crush it easily in fingers without burning it. When we sparked this, we found it to be very tasty. It has a nice combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It leaves you with a little bit of a coffee/cappuccino aftertaste. As for its effect, it has a good head and body buzz, very relaxing. This one we liked very much. It was familiar, but unique at the same time. For sure, we’ll be picking up more.


Both are really nice hash blocks. They were well made, and clearly well cured/handled throughout production. Each burned well, produced a clean flavorful smoke, and left behind a nice white ash. We confidently recommend either the next time you stop by one of their shops.


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Best amsterdam hash

Great review of My dag shop. Hope they are soon in the stores. Boerejongens Coffeeshop has definitely the best hash in Amsterdam. Tried many coffeeshops but they have constant best Quality in town... Tangerine g13 is the best.

July 2018

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I like the review And I wish to try both hashes

July 2018

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10 Jul 2018

By Kris K.