Nicole x Nicole Kush Hash

Nicole x Nicole Kush Hash

This is another pretty impressive strain from the gang over at Marimberos/DNA Genetics. Here’s what we thought of their Nicole x Nicole Kush Hash…



It's real Fresh looking, light brown, blondish hash, soft and a little waxy, as I press it, it just spreads apart. Sort of fudge like structure. It's easy to reshape. If I heat it for 1 or 2 seconds and lightly press it becomes darker, the oil comes out and it instantly bubbles. It's real fresh looking.



Got a lot going on, a sort of grapefruit peel smell, but rich, menthol and buttery woody, it really opens up your pipes. Almost like that stuff you rub on your chest when you got a cold. Proper fills your nose and lungs up. An it's  a head turner, when I opened the pot all smokers in the room were like meerkats. Proper great flavor, mmmmmmmmmmM! It's spicy at the same time there's this berry like sweetness. Tangy and piney is coming through it's all over my mouth there a herbal side to it and it's creamy it's really full of flavor.



Almost instant Heavy eyes, it's got a relaxing start to it. Quite chill at first you don't know how hard a hit it is until you move haha. Nicole is a sneaky biaatch super dry mouth from this one. It's smokes really clean tho it almost melts in stead of burns as you touch flame to it.



Soft, pliable hash, a great smell, so strong and really appealing, the flavors were awesome too. Everyone who smoked it, had a big smile on their face. Burnt super clean and was easy to use.


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06 Nov 2017

By The Cannabalist