What are the Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam?


Amsterdam is home to 168 licensed coffeeshops. This is a large number of businesses. As you might expect, there is great diversity represented within them. No two shops are alike, really. As such, the word “best” can encompass many things… the highest quality connoisseur cannabis, the most appealing or comfortable décor, the best tasting coffee or food. As such, we’ll be producing several different “best of” lists here at AmsterdamCoffeeshops.com.

This article covers our general “best of” coffeeshop list for 2019. It includes what we feel are those 10 shops most enjoyable to simply hang out in. It might be the aesthetics, the games, the company, or the location... for various reasons, you'll find our team at one of these shops most often. We present these in no particular order. In all honestly, we did try to number them. Our attempts resulted in far too much internal disagreement, however. We all have our favorites. After a very long and heated discussion, we decided to smoke a fat one. This resulted in our decision to remove the numbers, and “not be so judgmental, man.” Hey, these are all great shops!


Coffeeshop Amsterdam

This shop is under new management, and has had a lot of renovation in recent years. Under its new name, Coffeeshop Amsterdam has emerged as one of the nicest in the city. It exists on three levels. The decor and atmosphere are modern, relaxed, and welcoming. Further, the cannabis menu reflects a lot of items from Amsterdam Genetics, which supplies a fair portion of the city's connoisseur shops. We spend a lot of time here. 

De Dampkring

Dutch for “The Atmosphere”, De Dampkring is one of the most beautiful shops in the city. Just look at the hand carved wood facade, and the stained glass windows. Inside is no less impressive, and one of the city’s most distinct “theme” shops (if the theme is abstract trippy art). It is also a home to connoisseur cannabis. Not as much room in here as Prix, and Dampkring is very popular. Plan the timing of your visit, lest you’ll be waiting for a seat.



Another of the city’s theme coffeeshops, Abraxas was designed with the children’s story “The Little Witch” in mind. The décor feels something like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. There is a lot of very intricate and beautiful wood and tile detailing. This is a cool shop to hang out at, and as you must expect by now, the weed is really good here too! So is the coffee. Enjoy!


GreenHouse United

This is another of Amsterdam’s most noteworthy “full service” coffeeshops. GreenHouse United has a nightclub or lounge feel too it, with beautiful leather trim and cool mood lighting. The weed is exceptional here, as the many Cannibis Cup trophies are testament to. But this list is about the shops, and here they deliver. GreenHouse is lush, expansive, and full service: Burgers, steak sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, salads… you can get it all here. And it is really good!


Barney’s Coffeeshop

This is also among the most noteworthy establishments in Amsterdam for connoisseur cannabis. Barney’s too has more cannabis competition trophies than we can count. This shop is cool as well, and without question, a vaporists dream. Most shops lack any vaporizer. The customers just smoke. Of those that do, not many have an expensive Volcano unit. This one has a Volcano Digit vaporizer at every single table in the shop!


Bulldog Palace

Wow. Talk about cool coffeeshop history. Bulldog Palace used to be a police station. Years ago the Bulldog team bought the historic building over, and in the ultimate flip off to the establishment, turned it into one of the city’s most famous coffeeshops and tourist destinations. They kept some of the original holding cells in the basement though, where you buy weed. Check the back. There is a decommissioned Thompson 1928 machinegun hanging on the door – pure “Al Capone” era stuff. Far out!

Prix D'Ami

Prix D’Ami

This place is MASSIVE. Prix d'Ami is the largest coffeeshop in Amsterdam for sure, and has some impressive amenities. How about the only 3D movie lounge in the city? Check the top floor. Pool tables, DJ booth, hot food. It’s all here. Prix D’Ami is an experience in of itself. This shop of closer to a mega nightclub than a quiet down-to-earth Dutch coffeeshop. If the latter is qhat you are looking for, pass on by. If you want a loud, fun, wild night in a packed-to-the-gills coffeeshop, come here!

The Spirit

The Spirit

Love pinball? How about retro video games? If yes, than The Spirit is for you. The Spirit has a FULL WALL of pinball machines in the back, along with some other video arcade games. These bits of history are scarce to find these days. They take up a lot of space, and don’t pay off well. You usually only find them today being maintained by people that really love them. And love them they do here. This place is known for it. In fact, many non-smokers come here just to play the games!

Smoke Palace

Smoke Palace

This is another nightclub-style coffeeshop. Smoke Palace is a bit out of the city center. They have more room than many other shops, which they have used to create a really polished leather/wood accented lounge room. The outdoor seating area is also very large, giving this place a secondary “al fresco” vibe we really dig.

Het Ballonnetje

Het Ballonnetje

Het Ballonnetje is a historic shop, dating back to 1978. The building it sits in, much older; an impressive bit of old Amsterdam architecture. The long-established management here is serious about cannabis quality. Further, they foster a very welcoming and friendly environment. This shop is just plain cool; and a pleasure to hang out in. We always find ourselves back here, and recommend it highly others. 


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