Looking for edibles? Barring the occassional standout (who remembers the BonBons from Cafe Chocolata?) Amsterdam used to be a pretty bleak place for them. That has been changing in a big way in recent years, however. A good number of shops have great edibles now; far improved from the basic space cakes (granted, often good) we lived with for years. To that effect, these coffeeshops have some great products right now. We recommend taking at look. 


DNA Edibles

This coffeeshop has really been working on their edibles lately. Their selection is quite large now. More importantly though, the products are quite a step above the traditional “space cake”. Just look at some of their items: Brownie Oreo… White Chocolate cake… Brownie KitKat. Their cakes look so delicious that we fear some might go overboard. You need to remember these things are potent marijuana edibles folks!



Basjoe Edibles

Mmmm. They have a yummy selection of different flavor muffins and cakes here. Most have between .4 and .5 gram of weed in each. The weed is a Kush strain too. In other words, the weed is something quite potent. These products are going to pack a punch. Don’t let the fractions fool you.


Best Friends

Best Friends

This photo speaks for itself. This shop may not have a mountain of edibles, but when they do it they do it right. Incidentally, these cupcakes were quite potent, and more delicious than the photo let’s on.



Bagheera Edibles selection

These guys are doing it right. This is another shop with a robust selection of different flavored cakes and brownies. If you can’t find something you like here, you’re probably going to be in trouble. These edibles are yum!



Edibles at Boerejongens

Boerejongens, dutch for Farmer Boys, and has definitely upped their game with edibles. They now boast a wide variety of cakes, muffins, and other delectables, and their resident chef is definitely much more "gourmet" than you'll find at a basic snack shop. These edibles are amazing, which has earned the Boerejongens shops a definite spot on our Best Edibles list.


Greenhouse Effect

Cakes at Greenhouse Effect

This shop has long had a reputation for quality edibles. While their line might not be quite as large as some other shops; their cakes are good. Damn good. Like all shops on our list, they also don’t cheap out on the ingredients (including the cannabis).



1g Cake at Paradox

They don’t make a lot when it comes to edibles. However, they unquestionably have a reputation for their homemade pound cake. This has been earned by robust use of potent ingredients. By that we mean they put a FULL GRAM of cannabis in each cake. This shop tends to have good weed too, so this is no joke. It will kick your ass if you aren’t experienced with edible products. If so, they recommend you start with a quarter slice and wait 2 hours. That’s good advice!


1e Hulp

1e Hulp cakes

This is another connoisseur weed shop with a delicious line of gourmet edibles, mainly cake squares and muffins. You almost always have several options here. They should all be good.


Green Place

Green Place Brownie

We're not going to oversell them, but they sure do make a good brownie here. It is potent and delicious, and we think worth a spot. Hopefully their chef will expand the line in the future, as they seem more than capable from a talent standpoint. We think so anyway.


La Tertulia

Brownie La Tertulia

We might have regretted it if we left La Tertulia off the list this year. This shop is one of those places that seem to do it right when it comes to coffee and food. They aren’t the biggest, and the selection isn’t always the largest. But their chef is really good, and when they do an edible, it is usually spot on scrumptious. These brownies during a recent visit were no joke!


Full List:

  • DNA
  • Basjoe
  • Best Friends
  • Bagheera
  • Boerejongens
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Paradox
  • 1e Hulp
  • Green Place
  • La Tertulia


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