Who has the Best Hash in Amsterdam?


This is another common question we're asked. Hashish is quite popular in Europe, and a staple at every single coffeeshop in the city. And as with cannabis flower, there can be a lot of variation in quality from one shop to the next. The range can be from outrageously delectable, to downright scary. The fact that the supply side of the market is unregulated in Amsterdam certainly doesn’t help. In a recent random test of coffeeshop samples (Rigter en Niesink, 2017), the THC level was as low as 1.9% in some products, and as high as 45.8%. Just as with flower, there are some coffeeshops that take their hash much more seriously than others. While it would be impossible to produce a true definitive list, we have found these shops to be among the very best for high quality hashish as of late. As with all of our best-of lists, these are presented in no special order. 


Tweede Kamer

This shop is old school. In the heart of Amsterdam Centrum, they probably don’t have to fight all that much for customers. They are in a great location, and the people will find their way here. However, the management has never seemed complacent about this, in our experience. They care about cannabis, and have long cultivated a solid reputation for their menu, especially their hashish. Tweede Kamer visibly works with established companies like Rifman and Amsterdam Genetics, to make sure they are stocking a nice variety of high quality items. You’ll find great Moroccan imports here, and some top quality domestic waterworks. This is one of those “must do” places in the Centrum if you are big on hash. 



Club Media


This place in the Oud Pijp (Old Pipe) area is really chill. Contemporary and comfortable, Club Media has a relaxed vibe and polished decor, which make this a definite hangout spot. They also have a very nice cannabis menu, especially on the hashish side. Imports dominate here, which come from a variety of different regions. So you have some nice variety, and the quality tends to be high. They also usually carry some more potent Nederhasj (Isolator). Club Media has also won awards in local competitions, and is well worthy of a closer look. This place is a too-often overlooked gem. 



El Marssa


This is not a big tourist coffeeshop. This is largely a neighborhood place. They do have a small lounge at El Marssa, where you can expect to run into some of the locals. As expected with your more neighborhood establishments, they usually do not have an enormous selection of cannabis products here. The menu is moderate in size, even on the hashish side, which they do seem to specialize in. They are big on Moroccan pressed imports, in particular. What products they do have on the menu tend to be quite consistent in quality though, in our experience. Their love of hashish shows. Check out the Special Marssa, which is usually offered as their top variety. 




Boerejongens coffeeshop

Farmerboy seems to love his hashish. This chain of coffeeshops is growing in Amsterdam, largely based on their reputation for product quality. The hashish is no exception. They specialize in something called “block hash” here.  No, we aren’t talking about cheap hard bricks of street hash. Block hash is a specialized type of hash production that is utilized by some growers in Morocco. It involves partitioning sections of farming land into “blocks”, so that strains can be segmented off. It is a way to maintain a much higher variety and quality, when done correctly. Real Block Hash is of limited availability in Amsterdam… found only in a small number of shops. The quality of the Boerejongens product has been exceptional as of late. We usually find it to be soft, oily, potent, and uber flavorful. 



Family First

A new player in Amsterdam is Family First, which appeared on the scene in 2018. They took over the old Bushdoctor location on Amstel. So far, they appear to be working hard to stand out from their competitors (not an easy job with over 160 competitors). One of the ways they are attempting to do this is by going strong on new genetics. Especially noteworthy, you’ll usually find some hot USA strains (think Gorilla Glue, Kush hybrids) used in traditional pressed hashish products. They also have some higher potency items like Nederhasj (Isolator), wax, and moonrocks on this side of the menu. 




Bagheera has been getting a lot of attention for its product quality. In recent years, they have been entering local cannabis competitions, and have multiple cup wins for their hashish. They usually have a nice selection of both imports and higher potency Ice-o-lator (Nederhasj) here. The latter is more difficult to come by in Amsterdam, in spite of its local origin. Isolator is a more complicated process, and one with a lower yield. But the potency can be quite high. With both types of hashish, the quality at Bagheera has been very consistent. Some of our favorites in recent months have been the Mango Haze hash, Cheese Isolator, and Nicole Kush Hash. We highly doubt you’ll be disappointed with any one of them, or any of their hash products, really. 




This shop in Amsterdam Centrum has an extensive hashish menu. Bluebird has a lot of imported pressed hashish; many classic varieties. The product is pre-bagged, which is usually not our favorite. There is something about watching a big chunk being taken out, and your sliver cut off with a fat knife right in front of you. But we won’t give them much slack for their focus on efficiency. The hash is quite good here, in our experience. They are nothing if not very consistent. Bluebird seems to receive a lot of positive attention from visitors for their hash as well. 




This shop is found in the trendy De Pijp (The Pipe) section of Amsterdam-Zuid. The cannabis menu is noteworthy here. It is substantial in size. And while it is particularly heavy on the flower (weed) side of things, they are more well known for their hashish. Most notable is their Moroccan Tidghine, which they always seem to feature on the menu. This soft blond hash has won multiple awards in local cannabis competitions. It is potent and flavorful; excellent quality. If you love hash, Roxy coffeeshop is definitely worth a visit if you are nearby. 



Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Situated in a busy section of Haarlemmerstraat, Coffeeshop Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the nicer shops in the area. This large establishment has been rebuilt in recent years, and now boasts a contemporary new interior and vibe.  They have three floors of seating, separate cannabis and drink bars, cool accent lighting, and a wonderful view of the crowds from upstairs. The cannabis offerings have steadily improved here, including the hashish. By working with known breeders, you can usually find some exceptional options for both imported and domestic Nederhasj. The strains are usually diverse, and genetics contemporary. We like Coffeeshop Amsterdam a lot, and wind up back here often. 



1e Hulp

“First Help” also makes our list of best shops for hashish connoisseurs. This large and cozy coffeeshop generally has a very strong menu on both the flower and hash side. As we understand it, the owner works hard to secure their suppliers, often traveling away from the business to do so. At 1e Hulp you’ll find both imported traditional hashish options, as well as more exotic higher potency products like Jelly Hash, Nederhasj (Isolator), and moonrocks. Such diverse selection alone makes this shop standout from most competitors. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also point out that the quality is generally very high as well. We’ve found exceptional options on many a visit. 




This popular artsy coffeeshop is found in The Pipe. Katsu is probably most well known for its colorful abstract exterior. However, they have a long established reputation for cannabis, particularly hashish. They usually sell pre-weighed bags here. Again, not our favorite, but we’ll not give them slack about the quality. It is usually very good. The products are generally traditional. This isn’t the place to come if you are looking to torch dabs. However, if you want some quality soft oily flavorful hashish, Katsu should be right up your alley. At least, we’ve always found something here to please. 



The Stud

Last but certainly not least on our list is The Stud. This coffeeshop is a bit out of the way, residing over in Amsterdam Oost (East). As such, it is a more locals place, and doesn’t see a big crowd of tourists. Consequently, it is often overlooked when people are talking about great shops. That would be a mistake. Not only is this place pretty darn nice, the hash menu in quite strong. They have been working with quality suppliers on the stock. The champagne hash has been particularly noteworthy during recent visits, though you’ll probably find several excellent options if you drop in.


Full List:

  • Tweede Kamer
  • Club Media
  • El Marssa
  • Boerejongens
  • Family First
  • Bagheera
  • Bluebird
  • Roxy
  • Coffeeshop Amsterdam
  • 1e Hulp
  • Katsu
  • The Stud


Note: Our Best Of Guides are 100% Objective. These lists are based on the opinions of our in-house team of local and international cannabis connoisseurs, as well as members of the ACS community. Coffeeshops CANNOT pay to be listed here.


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