Amnesia Coffeeshop is a trendy establishment in the heart of Amsterdam Centrum’s canal ring. This shop is located on Herengracht, which runs alongside a beautiful canal of the same name. Amnesia is not an especially large shop, existing on one level. It is not quite small either. Its one long room certainly makes the shop big enough to draw in a crowd. And indeed, this can be an issue on busy weekends, given the popularity and reputation of this shop. If you come too late, it can be difficult to find seating.

This coffeeshop shares an owner with Barney’s and Barney’s Lounge, the famous pair of high-end coffee shops (also, some related businesses). Similar to Barney’s, the menu here is generally noted for its quality cannabis offerings. The owners have often entered Dutch cannabis competitions in the past, and you are likely to find a few competition-winning strains on its menu. They are fairly big on contemporary strains here. You will likely recognize some genetics that have been imported from the USA, which are often mixed with more local varieties. Barney’s has its own established strains, which it also sells through its Barney’s Farm seedbank. 

Another thing Amnesia Coffeeshop is noted for are the snacks. You are not going to be hungry for something to munch on here. Going well beyond the basic chips and bits, they often have a variety of bakery-style cakes and pastries on the menu. Further, they make arguably some of the best milkshakes among the city coffeeshops. We highly recommend one if you are in the mood.  

Vaporizer aficionados will also find comfort here. This shop hosts a trio of Volcano Digit units along the right side wall. Vaporization appears to be something widely appreciated by the management, who include similar units in all of their coffee shops. They keep the bags and filling chambers behind the counter, along with alcohol wipes. Just ask. 

While Amnesia Coffeeshop may not be the largest shop in the city, it does stand out amongst its contemporaries for its character. Its décor is well detailed and “polished”. The shop has somewhat of a nightclub feeling to it, with a lot of deep blacks and vibrant purples throughout. There are stools and small shelves along some of the walls for singles to rest comfortably, while tables, chairs, and cushioned leather benches provide room for groups. The wooden benches and chairs out front are also great for relaxing and appreciating the canal on sunny afternoons, which is heavily trafficked by boats in the summer.

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Herengracht 133
Centrum, Amsterdam

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Daily: 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM


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Paul sturgess

This place is AMAZING!!! The first & last coffee shop i go to every time i visit Amsterdam.

August 2017

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1 Review


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