Barney’s Coffeeshop is located on Haarlemmerstraat, a trendy section of the city just to the west of Centraal Station. Typical for businesses in the area, this shop is not especially large. As you proceed through the door, you step down to enter its one long room. Inside you will find a shop with a decidedly upscale feel to it. The décor is modern, with a great deal of polished wood, and ample mood lighting. There is not a lot of room in here for standing around in here. You really want to grab a seat at one of the tables that line the wall. If you do, you should find yourself comfortable for a decent stay. 

Be sure to take a look around this shop. Above the tables are actually display cases that hold the shop’s many cannabis awards. There are also flat screen TV’s next to each. But frankly, we are at a loss for the programming. This is not the place to sit and watch TV. Barney’s has long fostered an environment where travelers are comfortable to pull up a stool, light a joint of fine cannabis, and talk to each other (we do recommend the large tables toward the front for conversation). That is the vibe of this place; and what has always made Barney’s special.

This coffeeshop actually grew to fame during the 1990s, while in its earlier iteration of “Barney's Breakfast Bar.” As could be guessed from the name, it was a combination coffeeshop and restaurant. Throngs of bleary-eyed tourists would pack the place in the morning, most there to feast on an English or American breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes etc.). That is, with a side of fine cannabis, of course.

Barney’s operated their “hash and eggs” style establishment for years, all the while competing in cannabis competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup. Eventually, their reputation for both good food and good herb grew too much for the small shop to bear. It was becoming crowded… very crowded. Something had to be done. Today, Barney's is simply Barney's Coffeeshop. The restaurant was moved across the street, to a cannabis-friendly establishment called Barney’s Uptown.

This shop is popular with cannabis connoisseurs. This is probably owing to the fact that Barney’s has a long history of entering cannabis competitions, with many trophies to their name. You should find some of their award winning weed and hashish on the menu. The genetics are largely contemporary, often with Barney’s own unique hybridizations.

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Haarlemmerstraat 102
Centrum, Amsterdam

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2 Reviews
The place to go

This was the first coffee shop I ever visited, due to reputation and location, I was not dissapointed in the slightest. A little bit more expensive but absolutely worth every penny, excellent staff and vibes.

January 2018

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William L
Barney's Coffeeshop

This is Barney’s flagship location, and one of Amsterdam’s most notable “high end” coffeeshops. Don’t come here if you want a bargain. The prices are high, even for this city (at times this shop appears to blaze new ground when it comes to pushing up the prices). However, Barney’s high prices here are met with a high-end experience. Their weed stock tends to be top quality; and they have won many trophies for it. They have struggled in recent years with Hashish, though. Their imports are excellent quality. However, they have not stocked the high potency concentrates (rosin, wax, budder) as quickly as some of the other shops.

August 2017

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2 Reviews


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