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Barney's Lounge Coffeeshop is found on Reguliersgracht (Regulator’s Canal) in the southern part of the canal ring. This section of the city is known for its picturesque bridges and waterways. Particularly famous here are the “Seven Arches of Reguliersgracht”, a series of arching brick bridges that date back hundreds of years. These are among the most photographed landmarks in the city, so it is likely you are looking at one of them when you see a picture of Amsterdam’s scenic waterways.

This coffee shop sits on one level, and is thin and long in its dimensions. Though it does reside in an old brick building architecturally in line with its historic neighborhood, one will find a modern establishment inside Barney’s Lounge. The décor is contemporary; a bit of a mix between nightclub and a upscale coffee lounge. The colors are dark, but the room is well lit with overhead and accent lightning. There are plush leather seats all around, along with artistic photographs and framed paintings hung on the walls. Something “chill” is usually playing on the radio. There is undoubtedly a lounge atmosphere in here, which makes you just want to melt into a comfy seat, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Barney’s Lounge is also highly accommodating to “vaporists”. That is, those who prefer using a vaporizer to smoking cannabis. To that end they have multiple Volcano vaporizer units at this place. We have been keeping track, and at present they are near the top of the list for most number of Volcano units in an Amsterdam coffeeshop. In fact, they are second only to Barney’s own flagship location on Haarlemmerstraat. Combine that with its chill, funky vibe, and you can see why we rate this one of the best vapor lounges in the city. 

Barney’s Lounge is, of course, part of the famous Barney’s brand of Amsterdam. This also includes Barney’s Coffeeshop, Barney’s Uptown restaurant, Barney’s Farm, and Amnesia. The owners are known for their contemporary establishments and upscale service, which cater to the more sophisticated connoisseur crowd. To that end they boast a menu with many entries (and winning varieties) from cannabis competitions. The genetics tend to be quite contemporary. Expect to find some of Barney’s own hybridizations using modern west coast USA strains.


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Reguliersgracht 27
Centrum, Amsterdam

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  • Connoisseur Menu
  • Vaporizer
  • WiFi
  • Best Weed
  • Vapor Lounge


Daily: 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM


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William L
Barney’s Lounge

Barney’s Lounge is an upscale coffeeshop in a picturesque part of Amsterdam. They have a comfortable (chill) atmosphere, and connoisseur-grade cannabis products. This is an excellent establishment, worth a special trip.

August 2017

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1 Review


+31 20 420 6655

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