Basjoe Coffeeshop is located on the Kloveniersburgwal canal. This was one of the outer canals in the old city, which takes its name from the old civic guards called the Kloveniers. A bit of history, during World War II this canal was also one of the borders of the Jewish quarter. Today, it is a beautiful and vibrant part of Amsterdam centrum. Basjoe is just a bit north of the University Von Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) campus. It is also several blocks south of the Nieuwmarkt. This is a popular section of the city and is a host to a lot of visitors.  

From the outside, Basjoe has the appearance that feels a bit like a nightclub. Perhaps it is the dark trim around the doors and windows or the entrance with its large glass door and polished silver trim - hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. It is a bit more posh than what you get at most coffeeshops.

Inside, the atmosphere at Basjoe is down to earth, frankly, quite different than what you would expect from the upscale façade. First, we would say it is much more reminiscent of a city café or bakery than a nightclub. There is a lot of wood, and the room is bright and open. You are likely to find a delicious selection of desserts displayed on the counter, many infused with cannabis products. In fact, Basjoe is well known for its selection of marijuana edibles. You will notice a large chalkboard behind the counter, which displays their extensive offerings. This shop is also known for its gourmet coffee and tea selections, far superior to the average coffeeshop in Amsterdam, which frankly, are not always the best places for coffee. They also provide tables outside, perfect for enjoying the canal view on a sunny afternoon. 

The cannabis menu at Basjoe Coffeeshop is fairly large. On the weed side, you will usually find a little over a dozen options. There is a pretty even split of contemporary and old school strains, which means something like Kush and Sour D sitting side-by-side with White Widow and Amnesia. The hash selection is also large; maybe 10 or so options. These are imported pressed varieties from the usual exporters including Morocco, Afghanistan, Nepal, and India. Pricing is reasonable for both weed and hash, though everything is listed with a minimum purchase of two grams, except the pre-rolled joints. They do have a Volcano here for those that prefer vaporizing to smoking.


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Kloveniersburgwal 62
Centrum, Amsterdam

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  • Connoisseur Menu
  • Vaporizer
  • Outdoor Seating
  • WiFi
  • Best Edibles


Daily: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM


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William L
Basjoe Coffeeshop

Basjoe Coffeeshop is a comfortable establishment with the mixed vibe of a nightclub and café. Their selection cannabis infused desserts is especially noteworthy, perhaps among the best in the city. They are also well known for their gourmet coffee and tea options. This is a very good coffeeshop. A visit is recommended if you are in the area, and a special trip if you are in the mind for some marijuana edibles.

August 2017

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1 Review

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