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Boerejongens Sloterdijk is named after the local neighborhood. The Sloterdijk is found in the Northwest corner of Amsterdam, near the harbor.  There is a lot of commercial activity here. As such, the neighborhood around Boerejongens has a very industrial feel to it. The construction is often quite modern as well, owing to the fact that a lot of the business expansion occurred in the latter part of the 20th century.  Whereas the center is packed with historic canal homes, here you will find heavily glassed high-rises and office parks. Lately though, the Sloterdijk has been in transition. Residential properties are increasing; more people are moving here.  

This Boerejongens location has a similar feel to their other shops. The vibe inside is elegant and clinical. If we were to define it, we would say it feels like a cross between a bank and an American cannabis dispensary. You will also notice that the budtenders wear lab coats, and are highly educated about the products. The white marble floors and wide counter give the large open room an air of opulence. The clean wooden shelving, gold trim, and glass display cases only accentuate it. If you are looking for an experience comparable to visiting a high-end dispensary in Denver, check out a Boerejongens shop. It is probably as close as you will find in Amsterdam. 

Like the other Boerejongens locations (barring the Center, which does have a small smoking lounge upstairs), this is a take-and-go location. The management of this chain focuses intently on product and presentation. This has probably helped facilitate their rapid expansion in Amsterdam. It is worth noting that there is ample parking outside. This is a great shop if you are driving through Amsterdam. 

Boerejongens is considered a connoisseur establishment. The products they offer on all fronts, be it weed, hashish, or edibles, is known for consistency…consistently high quality. On the weed side, expect to find some unique strains. They like hybrids, often mixing old school city favorites and contemporary USA genetics. For hashish, they have exceptional imports. Check out their potent and highly flavorful block hashes from Morocco. As for the edibles, they have set the bar here in Amsterdam. The ornately decorated and designed products are simply stunning. 


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Humberweg 5
West, Amsterdam

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Daily: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM

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