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Family First Coffeeshop sits canalfront on the Amstel, in the middle of Amsterdam Centrum. It is just to the north of the Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square), which is a popular destination among visitors to the city. This area is packed with shops, restaurants, and cafes, and sees a great deal of street and foot traffic. It is especially popular at night, where its high density of bars and nightclubs makes it a major draw. Family First is among the newest coffeeshops in Amsterdam, at least from an ownership perspective. This shop was a Bushdoctor location for a long time, but changed hands in early 2018. 

This coffeeshop is not expansive. Family First exists on one level. The decor is largely a holdover from the previous owners. We would describe it as interesting and artsy. Green dominates the inside of this shop. The tables are painted with colorful abstract images, which are infused with the occasional marijuana leaf. The walls are not bare, but full murals floor-to-ceiling. Actually, the top of the walls curve in, with one side melding in with the ceiling. This is a unique effect that makes the space feel encased in the artwork it is decorated with. 

Seating here is mainly in the form of stools, which pull up to the tables. They look like they came from a diner in the 1980s; maybe 50s. We are not exactly sure of the era. They are, however, quite comfortable, and compliment the lounge- vibe of this place well. So too does the sofa. You will find it pressed against the back wall. This is arguably the most desirable seating in the house; plush and comfortable. 

The cannabis menu at Family First is moderate in size. On the weed-side they typically have a bit shy of a dozen items. The strains carried are usually a mix of old school favorites and contemporary USA genetics. The hashish-side of the menu is roughly the same size. The selection here includes traditional pressed imports, as well as higher potency Nederhasj varieties. We have also found some exceptional wax and moonrocks at Family First. At present time, our early experience with the product here, particularly the hashish/concentrates, warrants its classification as a connoisseur establishment. We hope to see Family First continue with great quality offerings.


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Amstel 36
Centrum, Amsterdam

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  • Connoisseur
  • Tobacco Room
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Best Hash


Daily: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM


4 Reviews
Stop overanalyzing and just enjoy it
Olympia, WA USA
Stop Overanalyzing

Stop over-analyzing and get baked. These people will talk about anything esoteric or abstract. GOOD PEOPLE>

August 2019

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Jimmy Needham
Olympia, WA USA
This Lovely Lady

The lovely lady who owns Family First gets up EVERY DAY and dedicates her memorial to her dear departed loved one. When I am in Amsterdam I go first thing in the morning and watch her open up the store. Such a lovely lady. God Bless her. Jimmy L. Needham.

August 2019

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David Luttrell
Boardman Oregon
Great friendly experience

Love these guys, we were at family first in December and later in May and was received with open arms as friends will always go back there. Any of the staff is welcome in my home

August 2019

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4 Reviews

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