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Boerejongens Bij (formerly De Bij) is the third of four locations in the Boerejongens chain. The Dutch name De Bij translates into “The Event” in English. This shop is found on a neighborhood corner in Amsterdam West. The area is largely residential, with tall apartment buildings and narrow tree-lined streets. Around here you can expect to see more bikes than cars, and far fewer tourists than you will in the city centrum.

Like its sister shops, the Bij is quite different from the old-school vibe of many other coffeeshops in the city. It has the feel of a pharmacy (apotheek) or Colorado cannabis dispensary. The décor inside is very clean and clinical. All the budtenders wear white coats, and look like pharmacists. In some ways, it is perhaps even a bit more clinical than the average USA dispensary. 

At the same time, this place is a classic. Check out the large wall of wooden specimen drawers behind the counter, which came from an old archaeology closet. Or how about the polished wood trim, velvet ropes, marble floors, and artistic carvings found throughout the shop. These antique features contrast with the fully interactive digital menus, which are embedded into the counter. Information can be found about which strains might help with which issue or produce a desired effect. 

Boerejongens Bij is a take-and-go establishment. While there is an open room to the right of the shop, it is not meant to be a seating area with a single elevated table in the center of the room. This is meant to be used for rolling a joint, or taking a pause before lighting up elsewhere. There is also a modern display about cannabis along the far wall, along with a large selection of souvenirs.

The cannabis menu at Boerejongens is usually ample in size. Further, this shop has a well-deserved reputation for quality. This extends to the full menu. Many of their items are award winning. For weed, they tend to favor contemporary genetics. Think West Coast strains from the USA, sometimes carrying a unique local twist. The hashish is both domestic nederhasj and imported. Though the former is more potent, this shop is perhaps better known for its imports, particularly its highly flavorful Moroccan “Block” hash. Lastly, they have some world-class edibles here. The various cakes, muffins, and brownies are delectable - far exceeding most shops with selection and creativity.


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Bonairestraat 78
West, Amsterdam

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Daily: 10:00 AM to 10:45 PM


2 Reviews
Emile & Kadisha
Locals topshop

This our favorite coffeeshop, it has the same products as Boerejongens West, slightly different menu, and also 4 counters. Gives you the feeling youre in a pharmacy. New here are the spacetry cakes, loved the red velvet, quite strong.

February 2018

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Boerejongens NR3

Only 100 meters from Boerejongens West shop, this is the sister shop of Boere with same quality. I can buy 5 gram at west shop and 5 gram at Bij. Makes me god for a few days ;-)

October 2017

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2 Reviews


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