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De Kade Coffeeshop is located on Stadionkade, in the south (Zuid) part of the city. The name of this shop translates into “The Quay”. This likely refers to the location of this shop, which sits on “Stadium Quay” road, directly across from the Amstel Canal. This is a very picturesque and predominantly residential part of the city. This section of the Amstel canal is not a tight busy passageway either. It is much more open and tranquil than the Amstel typically is further north. On a nice sunny day, we suggest taking a stop shoreside before you wander off. Relax and enjoy the shade and views. De Kade is in such a beautiful spot here. It should not be missed.

The atmosphere of De Kade is best described as chill and unpretentious. The decor is artsy, but basic. The wooden tables are pretty standard, and the leather seats a bit more cushy than normal, but not extravagant. This is very much a sit, smoke, and just relax type of place. That is not to say they are sparse on amenities. To the contrary, they offer quite a bit in addition to cannabis here. For starters, they are big retro gaming fans. They have legitimate old school pinball machine(s) here, a multi-arcade, a table football game (foosball), and a television. How about a game of chess? Just ask at the counter. This shop is basically a hybrid combination: small arcade, local pub, and your living room.

The cannabis menu at De Kade is large, and has a diverse selection on offer. They usually have numerous exceptional options on the weed side in particular, which has garnered this shop recognition as a connoisseur establishment. They appear to be working hard with their growers to produce high quality USA genetics. So, you definitely can expect to find some of the more modern and noteworthy strains here. On the hash side, you can first find some quality imported pressed hashish. Beyond that though, they usually do have some higher potency domestic isolates as well. They also offer the requisite pre-rolls, and quite an expanded collection of edibles as of late. 

After the cannabis products and amenities, it should be noted that this is also a pretty good shop for drinks. They serve a nice selection of juices here, and make damn good coffee as well. If tea is your preference, you will find no shortage of options here too. They also have enough by way of basic snacks and munchies, so worry not. If we had to sum up this shop in one word it would be “comfort”. Not the chairs or couches mind you, but the vibe of this place. They do an excellent job of making you feel at home here. That applies to both locals and tourists. Everyone should feel equally welcome in here.



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Stadionkade 107
Zuid, Amsterdam

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Daily: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


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William L
De Kade

De Kade is an unpretentious shop that is extremely popular with locals. They offer an excellent selection of weed (flower) and hashish (concentrate), and provide much more than a simple room to smoke. If you are looking for a comfortable place to chill, smoke, play some games, watch TV, and meet some cool people, this shop is highly recommended. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

August 2017

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Very chilled place with relaxed stuff and great selection of both weed and hash. We come back often. Friendly staff also!

March 2019

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2 Reviews


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