DNA Coffeeshop is located on Achillesstraat, in Amsterdam-Zuid (South). It is specifically in the Stadionbuurt section of the Oud Zuid (Old South). This translates into Stadium Neighborhood, which refers to the Olympic stadium that was built here for the 1928 Olympics. It still stands, and remains a popular sports venue for Amsterdam. The immediate neighborhood around this shop is almost exclusively residential. These streets host large block-style apartment buildings, and have a fairly low density of shops, at least until you walk a few streets over. The surrounding architecture is often historic, and quite beautiful.

This coffeeshop was formerly named Jabba The Hut. That establishment was not very high on the radar. Things seem to be changing, however. This shop has since seen a complete overhaul. First, the new DNA Coffeeshop location has been updated quite a bit. The interior is quite modern now in appearance. The room here is clean, open, and clinical. Menus are hosted on a computer screen, and the choices presented are in detail as to their effects and composition. We would say it is all quite reminiscent of an American dispensary.

There is a small smoking room to the side. There is not much room in here, and it is not the type of place you would hang out with a group for any extended amount of time. It is really just a place to prep your smoke, have a quick puff, and be on your way. DNA is really a take-and-go location. Again, another trait very reminiscent of a USA dispensary. You come in just to make a purchase, not hang out.

DNA would still be low on the radar if it were not for another big change. This shop now appears to be working very closely with Amsterdam Genetics. This is a local seed breeder that is linked with the Boerejongens (Farmer Boys) chain of connoisseur shops. Amsterdam Genetics also supplies several other connoisseur shops in the city. As such, expect to find connoisseur-grade cannabis on the menu here. The selection is generally contemporary, and high quality. This means some west coast USA genetics, which are really in high demand these days.

The hash menu is equally impressive here. You can usually find some soft, rich, and flavorful imported varieties. We’re not sure if this is the famous “block hash” you find at Boerejongens, but we would not be surprised if it is. Note that here the word “block” refers to the sectioning of specific strains in area blocks for hash production. The edibles have been exceptional here too. They go well beyond the basic space cake, and never seem to cheap out on the ingredients (cannabis) like some other shops do.


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Achillesstraat 104
Zuid, Amsterdam

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Daily: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM


7 Reviews

Excellent quality of hash and great selection. You pay what you get for. Friendly staff make a great atmosphere too.

March 2019

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amazing Coffeeshop

Coffeeshop DNA is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The staff is very friendly and is always ready to help making a choice. The weed is never out of stock and the quality is great for the price you have to pay. I recommend everyone to visit this amazing coffeeshop !

December 2017

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Best Cakes,Nice Weed

Wauw Deze shop heeft echt de beste Cakes van Amsterdam zo veel keus heb ik nog nooit in Amsterdam gezien, En de prijzen van de wiet ook top waar voor je geld Prijs Kwaliteit is dit voor mij de nummer 1 shop eigelijk 6 sterren waard .

November 2017

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7 Reviews


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