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El Guapo Coffeeshop is found on Nieuwe Nieuwstraat, a short walk to the south of Centraal Station. The name of this street translates into “New Newstreet”, oddly enough. In spite of its name, New Newstreet is a modest side street. It is not very new in appearance. There are a few businesses here, some residences, and a bunch of back walls to other places (read: it is more of an alley). Most people come across El Guapo when cutting across this street traveling to/from the main shopping area around Nieuwendijk. This is a surprisingly quiet spot though, as compared to much of the immediate area. It makes El Guapo a bit of an oasis, if you will.

El Guapo is a chill and artsy shop. One of the most notable features of the interior is an airbrushed scene, which covers one full wall, front to back, top to bottom. It is a beautiful and colorful work, presented in a sort of urban spray paint style... the kind of thing you expect to see on an old New York Subway car. They are also fond of another Amsterdam tradition here, stickers! You will find a few large patches of them around the shop, a little bit left behind from different visitors. They also feature a nice plaque of international currencies. This is truly an international city, and Guapo illustrates that well.

Seating is mainly provided in the form of long leather benches, which run the length of one wall. In front of these are several large wooden tables, which provide plenty of room to spread out and handle your smoke. This is a one-room shop, not especially large. In the front is seating, and in the back a large counter for making purchases. The doors open wide in the summer though, and there is a large window above that lets in quite a bit of light.

The cannabis menu here tends to be quite robust on the weed-side. It is not unusual to find them stocking more than 30 different strains. They keep them handy in bins right behind the counter, so you have plenty of options to look at when buying. The hashish selection is much smaller, but still ample by most standards. Otherwise, this shop has few amenities. It is fairly basic. Some drinks, coffee, a few snacks dispensed from a coin-operated machine. Overall, El Guapo is best described as an intimate coffeeshop. Not a lot of frills, but a fun and friendly atmosphere.


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Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32
Centrum, Amsterdam

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MON-FRI: 6:00PM - 1:00AM SAT-SUN: 11:00AM - 1:00AM


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Fun and friendly

Fun and friendly staff. Quite big menu and interesting strains compared to the most coffee shops. Excellent service but basic selection. There is interesting artwork inside and some branded goodies & stickers.

June 2019

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1 Review

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