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Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop is located directly on Nieuwmarkt Square. This is among the top tourist spots in the city, dense with both historic buildings and modern businesses. Greenhouse Effect is actually one of several coffeeshops directly on the square, which is arguably prime real estate for such businesses. This shop was formerly located on Warmoesstraat, and was attached to a small hotel. It was a popular place. With the changing of regulations in the red light district, however, the coffeeshop was forced to move. In the Nieuwmarkt, it is now taking up the old space of Hill Street Blues coffeeshop. The old hotel in the RLD, unfortunately, is now closed. Incidentally, Greenhouse Effect is not affiliated with the Green House chain of coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The best way to describe Greenhouse Effect would be to say that it seems like a mix of a juice bar and a coffeeshop. The first thing you notice when you walk in, is that the front is bright and open. The shop has a long cafe counter here in its front room. You can view their cannabis offerings which are on display behind its front glass panel, in see-through plastic containers. Like many coffeeshops, the setup is such that you place your order in the front room, before venturing further on into the shop. 

It is worth noting that the food and drinks are a big feature of this place. In the front room, you will notice a large selection of cakes, marijuana edibles, and even fresh fruit on display. Greenhouse Effect seems to be pretty serious about their coffee, juices, and desserts, and proud to show it off. We would say this establishment is more “gourmet snack bar coffeeshop,” than simply a place to buy weed, sit, and get stoned. Amsterdam coffeeshops are often a bit lacking in the food department. Greenhouse Effect seems focused on making sure you want to stay when you get the munchies.

As you go on further, into the back of Greenhouse Effect coffeeshop, one will find a smoking room. This lounge area features numerous tables, along with wooden bench and chair seating. There is a small elevated balcony in here as well, which gives this room a split-level feeling. The furniture is comfortable enough, and the room has a pretty “chill” vibe to it. The décor is not opulent. The shop feels down to earth. Perhaps of greater interest, however, this coffeeshop makes good use of the wide sidewalk in front of the shop. Like many businesses in the Nieuwmarkt, they feature a nice stretch of outdoor seating. With the density of foot traffic here, we would argue there are few places better to sit and relax on a warm sunny day. That is, if the bustling crowds of the Nieuwmarkt do not bother you.


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Nieuwmarkt 14
Centrum, Amsterdam

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Daily: 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM


2 Reviews
Martyn from Wigan
Best coffee shop in Holland

Quality weed best view in Amsterdam to sit and watch day go by!!! Top staff!!!! Top regulars!!!!! See you all soon Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 2018

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William L
Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect is part coffeeshop, part juice bar, part dessert shop. It is among the best places to find edibles, offering up much more than the simple “space cake” you find at most places. This is a very good establishment, well worth a visit if you are in the area… perhaps a special trip if you are in search of a medicated snack.

August 2017

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2 Reviews


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