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GreenHouse Pijp coffeeshop (also known as GreenHouse Tolstraat) is the original of four GreenHouse Amsterdam locations. It is also, perhaps, the most famous, at least among those “in the know”. Just take a look around the shop… the many pictures lining the walls. The place is packed with photos of red-eyed celebrities. But wait. If you are a fan of the GreenHouse chain, you will notice that many of the same celebrity photos are hung in the other locations as well. Fact is, many of these photos were taken right here at GreenHouse Pijp.

This shop might just be THE place for the celebrity stoner visiting Amsterdam. Why? For one, the atmosphere is upscale. The menu is also excellent, and boasts many internationally famous strains. Perhaps most importantly though, the shop is far enough from the city center that it is rarely loaded with throngs of tourists. If you are famous, you can probably hang out here in peace. That is, if you can avoid any paparazzi on the way.

Let’s get to some more specific details. First, the interior. GreenHouse Pijp is on one level, though they used to have an upstairs smoking room (currently closed). The shop has a highly handcrafted appearance. There are elevated and sunken wooden floors, and a great deal of sculpted trim all around. The architecture is forward thinking, and the décor quite luxurious. Seating is ample. Comfortable leather booths and couches line the shop. They are arranged in separate sections, however, which makes each area feel more private. The shop is large enough for a decent sized group, but not expansive. It would be aptly described as an intimate place. The large mirror on the back wall does give the illusion of more space, though. The music on the radio is likely to be some form of modern jazz, R&B, or chilled-out hip hop.

The GreenHouse cannabis menu (similar at all shops) is one of the most famous in Amsterdam. The selection is large, with the weed and hash offerings subdivided into categories such as Bio Organic, Haze, G-House Specials, and G-House Exclusives. To attest to the quality of their options, this coffeeshop has no shortage of trophies and awards. You will notice them scattered throughout the Tolstraat location, just as the other three (they have won enough to spread them out!). Many of the menu items have trophies next to them, denoting that these strains were past winners.

This shop also has a Volcano vaporizer at the bar, an increasingly popular choice among the “cannabis connoisseur” crowd looking for maximum flavor. Overall, everything at GreenHouse Pijp seems to tie together very well, creating an upscale but comfortable and private coffeeshop experience. It is no wonder so many famous people visit.


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Tolstraat 91
Zuid, Amsterdam

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  • Connoisseur Menu
  • Vaporizer
  • WiFi
  • Best Weed
  • Vapor Lounge


Daily: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM


2 Reviews
William L
GreenHouse Pijp

A hotspot for visiting celebs, Greenhouse Tolstraal has an ultra-comfortable atmosphere and an award winning menu. This coffeeshop is worth a special trip.

August 2017

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Bryce L
Nice setting, Bad vibes.

While the coffeeshop itself boasts a great selection with a very ambient and comfortable setting, I found the staff behind the counter somewhat rude and a bit condescending. I was enjoying myself until a staff member started tell people where to sit to 'make more space' (the place was pretty much empty at the time). I wasn't enjoying being herded like cattle and would prefer to be left alone to be honest. While I was walking out the door, two guys behind the counter were very loudly discussing how ungrateful people are. This attitude and arrogance ruined this place for me.

July 2018

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2 Reviews


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