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Happy Days Coffeeshop is located on Amsteldijk, in the Rijnbuurt (Rhine neighborhood) of Amsterdam South. This coffeeshop sits right on the main s110 motorway, which runs along the Amstel river here. This is a beautiful and highly residential part of the city. The streets are mainly lined with large apartment buildings, though there are enough bushes and trees around to give it a more tranquil feel. Mind you, you still know you are in the large city of Amsterdam. But the pace is more relaxed here. 

We would start off by stating that Happy Days is not quite a traditional Dutch coffeeshop. It is largely frequently by residents from the area. It is a true locals’ establishment. But it is somewhat more polished than what one usually expects with these types of places.  Often, they have a more traditional “old wood” feel, and eschew fancy décor. Instead, Happy Days coffeeshop has a decidedly contemporary appearance. Leather benches, dark wooden tables, and purple backlighting all give this place somewhat of an urban nightclub feel. It is not over the top, but definitely designed. 

Taking away from the nightclub vibe a little, however, is the fact that this shop is not especially large. However, they do make very good use of the space, and provide a fairly comfortable if not intimate environment to hang out in. There is a billiards table and a table football game (foosball), and enough additional space to fit several bench seats, which are deep and restaurant-style. Even with this, the place seems open. The large front window probably helps. 

The cannabis menu at Happy Days Coffeeshop is not expansive, but sufficient for most. Expect to find half a dozen varieties or so on the weed-side. They usually favor traditional Amsterdam strains here, but often have a contemporary strain or two on offer as well. They offer fewer (but still several) types on the hash-side of the menu. Again, think traditional choices… imported pressed hashish from Morocco. They also have pre-rolled joints, and “space muffins” for edibles. These muffins can be a nice change of pace from the chocolate cake (space cake) that most shops sell. Lastly, they make a good cup of coffee here, and have enough basic snacks to hold anyone over for a while.

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Amsteldijk 139
Zuid, Amsterdam

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  • Billiards


Mon-Fri: 9:30 AM to 12:30 AM Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM to 12:30 AM


4 Reviews
My Place 4 Years

Helpfull staff. Ambiance,quality,products even the music always great! Jane X

December 2018

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Best in Town !!


December 2017

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Womenfriendly shop

Friendly staff. My place for years. Always a happy day after visit them ;)

December 2017

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4 Reviews


+31 20 661 3986

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