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Mr. K Coffeeshop is found on Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat, which is the second cross street of Laurierstraat (translates into Laurel street). It is located in the Jordaan district, which is a famous neighborhood full of high-end boutiques and even higher-end real estate prices. Mr. K rests on a relatively quiet residential block here. It blends in well with the surrounding upscale neighborhood, perhaps even standing out a bit with its intricate and polished wood façade and beautiful stained glass windows.

The interior of Mr. K is more basic than its outer appearance lets on. Inside, it is a fairly traditional Dutch coffeeshop. There are not a lot of frills. Instead, the décor is mainly in the form of posters and a multitude of small statues, bits of pottery, tribal masks, and other trinkets on display. Though a small shop, they have several distinct forms of seating including wooden chairs, benches, and a couple of rocking chairs. 

There is also a very comfortable pillow-filled nook and elevated couch in the upstairs glass-enclosed smoking room, arguably the shop’s prime seating. Additionally, you will find outdoor seating in the form of a single bench. We would not say this is the best location for people watching, nor does Mr. K have a stunning view. Still, this is a peaceful neighborhood, and a rest here might be called for.

The cannabis menu at Mr. K is moderate is size. They tend to list under ten strains of flower (weed), and perhaps a half dozen types of hashish (concentrate). Do not be mistaken, however, into thinking the lack of an extensive selection equates to a lack of interest in their products. To the contrary, they seem to be about quality here, and even feature name brand genetics on their menu. The pricing tends to be reasonable as well, as this is not a shop that is inundated with tourists. Mr. K also needs to cater to a local clientele, which to their credit do seem to keep coming back.

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Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 44C
Centrum, Amsterdam

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  • Connoisseur Menu
  • Tobacco Room
  • WiFi
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Daily: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM


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William L
Mr K.

Mr. K is a down-to-earth unpretentious coffeeshop is a quiet corner of the Jordaan district. They have a chill vibe and “loved by locals” feel, perhaps owing to their focus on cannabis quality and value. This is an excellent establishment, worth a visit if you are in the area.

August 2017

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1 Review


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