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Bryce L
Nice setting, Bad vibes.

While the coffeeshop itself boasts a great selection with a very ambient and comfortable setting, I found the staff behind the counter somewhat rude and a bit condescending. I was enjoying myself until a staff member started tell people where to sit to 'make more space' (the place was pretty much empty at the time). I wasn't enjoying being herded like cattle and would prefer to be left alone to be honest. While I was walking out the door, two guys behind the counter were very loudly discussing how ungrateful people are. This attitude and arrogance ruined this place for me.

July 2018

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William L
GreenHouse Pijp

A hotspot for visiting celebs, Greenhouse Tolstraal has an ultra-comfortable atmosphere and an award winning menu. This coffeeshop is worth a special trip.

August 2017

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