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Smoke Palace coffeeshop is located on Linnaeusstraat, in the Dapperbuurt neighborhood of East Amsterdam. Before even getting into the shop, it is worth pointing out that this is just a beautiful corner of the city. It is a bit away from the center, less crowded, and strongly residential. Tree-lined streets and beautiful historic architecture define the area. Even better, Smoke Palace sits right next to Oosterpark (East Park). This is a shady serene oasis we highly recommend talking a walk through when you are here.

On to the coffeeshop. We'd begin by pointing out that Smoke Palace is among the largest and more luxurious coffeeshops in the city. Before even getting inside you notice a huge section of outdoor "al fresco" seating. This alone has the seating of most coffeeshops. The area is separated from the street by a partition, so it feels private. It is also packed with plants, wooden crate-style bench seating, and umbrellas for shade. You almost feel beach side. On a beautiful sunny day, this is a tremendous spot to sit and relax.

As you step down to enter Smoke Palace, you find an equally impressive interior. The shop is large, and the management clearly spent a great deal of time on the decor. Custom tile and wood work are featured on the walls and counter throughout much of the shop. The floors of the main lounge area are made of beautiful polished hardwood. The tables and modern stools add a contemporary element. Tie in some mirrors and track lighting, and you have a place that looks much more like a nightclub than a coffeeshop. If you were looking for a traditional no-frills down-to-basics Dutch smoking experience, this is not it. However, if you are the type that prefers the higher-end, you'll probably feel right at home here.

The smoke menu at the Palace is moderate to large in size. It tends to favor the weed (flower) side with regard to diversity. They may have a dozen strains here give or take, often a mix of recognized favorites and new genetics. The hashish menu tends to be smaller, though still formidable compared to many shops. They also have a large selection of pre-rolled joints here. In addition, this is very much a full service shop. A wide array of coffees, teas, sodas and other drinks, snacks, and even a few quick hot foods are available for order. This shop is cozy, and has plenty to offer to keep you sticking around for a while.

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Linnaeusstraat 83 HS
Oost, Amsterdam

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Daily: 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM


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