Voyagers Coffeeshop is located just to the southeast of the main entrance to Centraal Station. This is an especially high trafficked part of Amsterdam given that Centraal Station is the entry and exodus point to the city for a large number of its visitors each and every day. Maybe so, but Voyagers sits on a less busy street corner at the northern tip of the Geldersekade canal. This location offers a respite from the hustle and bustle. It is quite nice.

Voyagers coffeeshop is part of the budget smoker-friendly Voyagers hotel. It is found at the front of the building, and consequently the budtender also functions as the hotel receptionist. The entrance to the hotel is on the side, however, so the main entrance here is devoted principally to the coffeeshop. This hotel is quite popular with smokers. Many of those that book here undoubtedly do so to take advantage of its proximity to the downstairs coffeeshop.

The coffeeshop itself is not large by most standards. The tall narrow construction common to old city buildings is apparent here. Voyagers exists only on one level, on the main floor of the building. There is an open room in the front, with sufficient seating on most afternoons. Also, you will find an enclosed smoking lounge to the side. The décor is sparse, but the space is comfortable and down-to-earth. Further, there is clearly a “retro arcade” theme to its branding, as evidenced by the Space Invaders character that serves as the shop mascot. The gaming geeks in us just wish they would make good on it with an arcade. But we digress.

The vibe inside Voyagers tends to be chill, and highly accommodating to serious connoisseurs. This is reflected  in the ready-access to quality glassware as well as a Volcano vaporizer in the shop. Let’s face it. This is a requirement these days if you want your coffeeshop to be taken seriously by connoisseurs. And that is exactly what Voyagers aims to be, by our observation.

As for the cannabis menu, it is another reflection of Voyagers’ focus on connoisseur level product. While the selection is not extensive, this establishment does receive a great deal of attention for its quality. They mainly sell weed, often contemporary genetics from the USA. The coffeeshop has definitely been partnering with quality breeders. Likewise, they often have a menu with competition-winning selections on it. We recognize this shop as a connoisseur establishment; a distinction well deserved.


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Geldersekade 2
Centrum, Amsterdam

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Daily: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM


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William L

Voyagers is a small shop close to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Though they have a couple of small areas for seating, this serves mainly as a take-and-go establishment. This is a popular shop for its size. The draw: a reputation for connoisseur grade cannabis. They have earned this recognition through partnerships with established competitive cannabis breeders (you’ll see some highly recognized contemporary strains here). Pricing also tends to be quite reasonable. This is an excellent coffeeshop, worth a special trip.

August 2017

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1 Review


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