Yo-Yo Coffeeshop is located in the Oude Pijp (Old Pipe) section of Amsterdam South (Zuid). It sits on the eastern edge of this neighborhood, just a block from the Amstel river. This is a highly desirable residential part of Amsterdam; popular with young professionals. Though the immediate streets here can be a bit quiet, the De Pijp has no shortage of trendy bars, restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops. 

This is an impressive coffeeshop on several levels. First, the shop itself. Yo-Yo Coffeeshop is open, spacious, and bright with natural light. The decor is a bit contemporary, and very “tied together” in its feel. Spotless polished hardwood floors, deep comfortable couches, and beautifully crafted cafe tables make the shop’s two rooms feel like a perfectly maintained city apartment, or small local cafe. This place is undeniably warm and welcoming, at times feeling as cozy as your own living room. Hospitality is usually off the charts, too.

Yo-Yo is officially described as a Gallery (Galerie) coffeeshop. True to this, it also serves as an art gallery. The work of local artists is on display around the shop, and is rotated often. If you like something, be sure to ask about it. They even offer art classes here! Further amplifying the “at home” feeling of this place, Yo-Yo also serves hot food. While the selection may not be large, they can usually fix you up with a delicious satisfying “real” meal here. This is a rare feature in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. 

The cannabis menu is robust at Yo-Yo Coffeeshop. The weed side of the menu typically has a dozen options, give or take. They seem to specialize in outdoor organically grown weed here. There are fewer options on the hashish side, though they still have several types of imported pressed varieties. These are mainly from Morocco and Afghanistan. They also serve great coffee here, as well as tea, and a large selection of sodas and juices.

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Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat 79/HS
Zuid, Amsterdam

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Sun-Thurs: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM Fri-Sat: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM


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East Midlands
That feeling of home with an ol' school smoke!

The shop is located within De Pijb, 5mins walk from Albert Cupyt Markt. This is definitely a locals coffee shop, specialising in mostly outdoor grown weed. The outside is bright and welcoming, a great change from the bright lights and booming tourist driven centre. Inside is open, spacious and lit. The shop is also an art gallery with a nice range of pictures on the walls. We enjoyed relaxing here in the afternoons to sunset. Candles and lamps are also available to set the mood. We loved the "at home" feeling YoYos has, it really was our little go to during our visit. Products sampled: Weed: Northern lights was a relaxing mild old school smoke. We really enjoyed talking for hours with this one. Ammi wasn't great, harsh on the chest and came nothing close to previous ammi's tried at home in the UK and in Dam. Bubblegum also low quality and harsh on the chest. Hash: somango was lovely,spicy and uplifting. Easy on the lungs and tasty on the exhale. Edibles: Cupcakes didn't taste great but packed a punch. It lasted for hours! At €3.50 each they were well worth it. Customer service was quick and okay. Nothing to scream from the roofs about but they were friendly enough. Overall YoYos is a great place to relax and lose track of time in conversation with friends. I'd recommend buying weed elsewhere and bringing it here to enjoy. Try the somango with a lovely hot chocolate.

January 2018

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1 Review


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