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Hardcover Coffeeshop Guide

24 September, 2019

The Connoisseur Guide is HERE!     ... (more)

Best Hash in Amsterdam

10 July, 2018

Who has the Best Hash in Amsterdam?   This is another common question we're asked. Hashish is quite popular in Europe, and a staple at every single coffeeshop&nb... (more)

Best Edibles in Amsterdam

05 September, 2017

Looking for edibles? Barring the occassional standout (who remembers the BonBons from Cafe Chocolata?) Amsterdam used to be a pretty bleak place for them. That has been changing in a big way i... (more)

Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

21 July, 2017

What are the Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam?   Amsterdam is home to 168 licensed coffeeshops. This is a large number of businesses. As you might expect, there is great div... (more)

Best Weed In Amsterdam

21 July, 2017

(Last updated: July, 11 2018)  Who has the best weed in Amsterdam? This has to be one of the most common questions we’re asked. And believe... (more)